Примеры Вакансий English for the Workplace

Доступные вакансии по программе English for the Workplace:

Участники программы могут находить компанию для стажировки самостоятельно, либо воспользоваться помощью учебного центра в поиске подходящей компании. Чаще всего студенты устраиваются в сфере обслуживания или торговли. Эти вакансии, как правило, не требуют большого опыта или специального образования.

В качестве примера вакансий, на которые студенты устраиваются самостоятельно, приведена часть списка из Job Bank в Торонто.

Должность Компания Оплата в час/кол-во рабочих часов Местоположение
Counter attendant - food service Mangia Mangia Mangia $10.25 / Hourly for 40 hours Keele & Steeles, ON
Food demonstrator - retail Consumer Impact Marketing (CIM) Ltd. $11 / Hourly for 14 hours Etobicoke, ON
Nanny Individual $10.25 / Hourly for 40 hours Scarborough, ON
Salad and sandwich maker Summerhill Market $10.25 to $12 / Hourly, 44 hours Toronto Centre, ON
Sales associate STRUC-TUBE LTD $13 / Hourly for 40 hours Toronto East, ON
Airport cleaner Drake International $11 / Hourly for 40 hours Toronto Centre, ON
Bartender Ellas $10.25 / Hourly for 8 hours Toronto East, ON

А ниже приведены примеры вакансии в Торонто, которые предлагались учебным центром студентам, успешно окончившим учебную часть программы English for the Workplace:

Employer: WIS International
WIS International has become one of the industry's largest and most trusted suppliers of Inventory Counting and Merchandising Services worldwide. WIS International offers true global coverage with operations in 8 countries across 4 continents.
Positions: Inventory Control (Logistics)
Role: Going to client locations IE: Stores in malls, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.
Hours: Part-time and full-time
Starting Wage: 10.25/ hr
City: Toronto
Location: 1593 Ellesmere Rd.
Number of positions: 5
Employer: The Junction Eatery
"One of Toronto's best kept dining secrets"
Positions: Busser/Food Runner/basic serving
Role: Assisting restaurant with expediting food/dishes/transactions/order taking
Hours: Full-time
Starting Wage: $8.90 + Gratuities
City: Toronto
Location: Dundas & Keele
Number of positions: 2
Employer: Debu's Nouvelle Indian Cuisine
One of the brightest culinary talents on the Toronto restaurant scene, Chef Debu Saha is noted for his creative cooking style, which melds bold Indian spices, French cooking techniques, and local ingredients.
Positions: Busser, food runner, host/hostess cashier, customer assistance)
Role: Assisting servers in food running and table clearing
Hours: Part-time and full-time
Starting Wage: 10.25/ hr
City: Toronto
Location: 552 Mount Pleasant Road
Number of positions: 3
Employer: Bespresso Bar
Since opening our doors in 2004, we have had the honor of offering over half a million customers the experience of the authentic modern Italian espresso bar. Today we continue to welcome visitors with the personal touch of our caring staff, quality foods, cultured atmosphere, stunning design and of course…the finest in coffee and espresso based.
Positions: Barista -Cashier
Role: Aiding customers in their coffee and espresso needs
Hours: Part-time and full-time
Starting Wage: 10.25/ hr
City: Toronto
Location: 111 Queen St. East
Number of positions: 2
Employer: The Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Royal Canadian Yacht Club was founded in Toronto in 1852 to serve both as a yachting recreational club and an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy in the defence of the waters of Lake Ontario.
Positions: Restaurant Servers, Banquet Server, Porters, Receivers, Bartenders, Banquet Captains, Formal, Dining Room Servers and Bussers
Role: Assisting the food and beverage team in completing tasks
Hours: Part-time and full-time
Starting Wage: 10.25/ hr
City: Toronto (Toronto Island)
Location: 75 Prince Arthur street
Number of positions: 6
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